Projects & Programs 

Homelessness Prevention

You have the Power to Donate Life

Affordable Housing 

Every American Citizen deserves a Safe decent place to live, where they can be productive and have pleasant neighbors 

Veterans Project DD-214

Sometimes people, even veterans fall
through the cracks, and there are over 630,000 homeless people in America. 67,495 are veterans. It is amazing that in today’s society, over 1 in 10 homeless people in America are veterans. 

Projects & Programs

Community Development

Engaged in Community Projects that make a difference in supplying jobs, training interns from local universities and more.

Empowering Women

How can the world forget the Hand that Rocks the Cradle, help us honor our mothers in society with a hand up.
  • Start your Own a Business,
  • Grow throw interdependence
  • Start a new career. 
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Loans & Financial Services

Our specialized team of Business Counselors which is comprised of Score Mentors and  successful Owner Executives who are interested in Guiding High Risk  Startups or Expanding Businesses Access Capital, provide Insurance  key person policy and we can write your investment life insurance as well. After you SIGN-UP and complete the "Act Program" preparing you for bank financing with a EIN and without a personal Guarantor. Completion of The Act Program  comes with a $100,000   guaranteed  SBA Loan and your Business will have everything it needs to grow. "APPLY NOW"

You Have the Power to Donate Life

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"Assisting those in NEED by Human Growth & Development Through the Lifespan "...