Veterans Project DD~214

Custom Affordable Housing 

KWHA_CDC is a Community Development Entity (CDE), Modeling  as a leader in Custom Affordable Homes, just because a house is considered a Low-to-Moderate Home, we do not cut on the Quality of your home, especially on the Home's structure,  such as windows, doors and garages.  KWHA_CDC is a restoration leader that facilitates innovative program solutions that resolve  the Low-income  Condition with Human Development Through  the Lifespan .

Community Reach The Needy Project

We are partnered with community stakeholders to help feed and cloth Homeless Veterans  conjunction with  community resources to which is instrumental in multifaceted human developmental processes that strengthens low-income populations, establishing programs that benefit seniors, unemployed veterans and the homelessness condition.
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You are never to busy to learn, put your Mind to it and earn a High School Diploma GED, on into college, and then join our interns who don't mind joining us on the Hill fighting for Public Policy.  There is endless "CAREER OPPORTUNITIES" to choose from , but first we need to get started
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Diversity is Action

KWHA_CDC is dedicated to honoring our veterans with assistance through our "Veterans 201 Program Helping Heroes Project" , the 201 means every soldier is important, even the 1 we went back for that made the number 201, so"Leave no Man Behind".
Program Highlights:
  • Jobs, Education, and Community
  • Counseling & Resource Support
  • let us Build you a Custom Affordable Home
  • Guaranteed Capital to start  Veteran Owned Business
  •  just because a house is considered a Low-to-Moderate Home, we do not cut on the Quality of your home,

Humanitarian Aid

Full-Disaster-Recovery with Crisis Counseling, emergency preparedness and prevention, Homelessness Prevention,  Eliminating Blighted Communities by Building Custom Affordable Housing  and restoring dilapidated structures or rebuilding them.... 

Business Mentorship/ Financial Services

Access Capital Today (ACT Program) providing Businesses with the Access to Capital, Key person & life insurance investment policies, with choices that pays in times of emergencies. Payroll Insurance and More, it's better to have insurance and not need to use it, than to need to use insurance and not have it.

You deserve a functioning viable business  with the Capital financed by a bank using your EIN ,  and not you Social Security Number with you as the Guarantor. Its time your business can operate as it is meant to, so lets get your business up and running today, so what are you waiting on. 

"Assisting those in NEED by Human Growth & Development Through the Lifespan "...

Economic Development Projects

  • Multiple areas of internships with OJT, "LEARN MORE"
  • Master a Trade, "LEARN MORE"
  • Make money while you learn, "LEARN MORE"