Culture is learned through Language and environment, place your family in environments that support development of"The Whole Person " to also take an active role in your family's well-being, reinforcing a safe healthy Community social atmosphere for your children. Be mindful,  that such communities are equipped  with educational resources as well, and of which offers PTA involvement, etc. 

 In fact, when Cities are having their meetings to develop a Comprehensive Plan, of which is designed to take actions on revitalizing city infrastructure, Attract Businesses and Create Affordable Housing. Consequently, during these type  planning sessions, is where community leaders and city officials have discussions centered around revitalizing marginalized economically disadvantaged communities; especially, those which demonstrate  the statistically proven trait of destructive behavioral conditioning, such as those which are historically categorized with a particular cyclical mindset displayed in blighted communities or high crime areas. 

In fact, some schools of thought believe such behaviors are consistent with the causation of Blighted Neighborhoods and the creation of Economic Disparity in Low-to-Moderate Income Communities. According to the United States Census Bureau more than 40.6 million people live in poverty (, 2017) caused mainly by wage inequality (Adams, 2004), inflation and poor education (Western & Pettit, 2018). Help us change this statistic number one person and one business at a time, it is possible

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