Kingdom Worldwide Humanitarian Aid &
Community Development Corporation

Diversity is Planning

The 2019 Board of Directors 
  • (PCD) 
  • (VCTR) 
  • (ABV)  
  • (ABF) 
  • (RBR) 
Executive Committee 
  • Community Advisor 
  • Economic Development Advisor
  • Program Advisor
  • Corporate Connections
  • Education, Job Training & Interns
  • Business Development & Lending 
  • Humanitarian Aid

Diversity  is Structured 

The Finance  Committee 
A  Sound Financial Guide  is paramount for a surmountable  Project that could not be accomplished without the  Advisory Financial Committee 's Experience

  • (CPA) 
  • (Financial Services) 
  • (Attorney) 
  •  (Bank Ex/ Analyst) 
  • (Administration) 

Diversity is Action

Our Staff
Functioning optimally is accredited to our capable inhouse and extended Family of  Professional competent staff who is comprised of Business Development Advisers, Score Mentors, Homeownership & Crisis Counselors, Life Insure Agents, Lenders, Underwriters, Certified Trade Professors  & Teachers. 

"Assisting those in NEED by Human Growth & Development Through the Lifespan "...

Economic Development Projects

We are Engaged in Community Projects that Make a Difference, not only to create jobs, Build Affordable Housing, or providing internships  and Business Development; but,  most importantly we foster  "Human Development Through the Lifespan"